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Survey for Hotel Guests

Are you in the hospitality industry? So you know that guest satisfaction & memorable experience is the key to success. Conduct a hotel guest survey to collect feedback that will help you raise hotel service quality and make your customers the best brand ambassadors.

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Thanks to the hotel survey, you can quickly conclude the various areas of the hotel operation – from the design to the room’s price to the assessment of parking space availability. A readable report will help you see your facility more critically and neutrally through your visitor’s eyes.

Why Does Guest Feedback Matters?

Whether your business model is dominated by individual guests (B2C) or companies organizing conferences and training sessions (B2C), customer satisfaction is the primary indicator of whether guests will use your offer again or recommend it to others.

We can get to know the guest experience by reading online reviews on one of the online booking services. In this case, the hotel remains passive, mainly reacting to the negative opinions of users.

It is a common but a risky approach. Potential guests may not even read your staff members’ comments because they will reject the offer earlier due to a low score or several bad reviews.

The better alternative is a proactive approach.

It involves collecting feedback directly from guests with proper hotel survey software. Thanks to this, you can manage the customer’s voice, react immediately to negative comments and constantly improve the quality of services provided before many of your potential customers discover the hotel’s disadvantages.

Here’s how you can do it.

Hotel Feedback Survey – How to Start?

Start by specifying the purpose of the study (identify key metrics). We usually carry out guest satisfaction surveys to know the respondent’s impressions at each or a specific stage of the customer journey. In the case of the hotel industry, feedback may concern:

Guest Satisfaction Survey – Areas to Ask About

1. Reservation process (booking process)

2. Check in process

3. Overall experience

4. Room service (cleanliness)

5. Food & accommodation

6. Check out process

You can choose one research goal, for example, overall customer satisfaction (the Net Promoter Score question will work well for this), or focus on selected areas you intend to develop in the hotel’s offer.

The questionnaire for business customers will look different than for families with children. For the first group of respondents, the key will be working conditions and conferences; for the second, facilities for children (swimming pool, highchairs at the restaurant, etc.), a playroom, or a menu tailored to the hotel’s youngest guests.

Hotel Survey Questions Asked to Gather Insights

Here are sample questions that will work well in a guest satisfaction survey. Adjust them to your needs and use them to gather valuable information about your hotel.

1. How did you hear about our hotel offer?

a) Hotel website

b) Booking service

c) Online ad

d) A friend’s recommendation

e) Other [insert your own answer]

2. Are you satisfied with the booking process?

a) Yes

b) No*

*In the case of a negative answer, it is worth asking an in-depth question to find out the reasons for the guest’s dissatisfaction.

3. How do you rate [from 1 to 5] the following aspects of your stay at our hotel?*

a) Cleanliness

b) Rooms

c) Restaurant

d) Staff behavior

e) Conference room

*Customize the hotel survey template to suit your needs. Ask specific questions to get as much valuable information as possible to help you better understand your customers’ needs and expectations.

4. Is the price for staying in our hotel good value for money?

a) Yes

b) No* [again, ask in-depth question to learn more]

5. Would you recommend staying at our hotel to your family or friends?

This question is the Net Promoter Score. It examines customer loyalty and willingness to recommend a product or service. You can read more about the methodology (don’t worry, it’s simple) of the study here: Discover the benefits of the Net Promoter Score.

6. What do you consider the biggest advantage of our offer?

This is an open-ended question. Ask respondents to enter their answers, without suggesting possible solutions.

7. What can we improve to give our guests a better experience?

Guest Satisfaction Survey – Pro Tips:

Here are some practical tips that will help you collect valuable guest feedback:

1. Nobody likes long surveys. Ask specific questions to gather specific data

2. Inform in advance that you will be asking the guest for feedback

3. Provide anonymity to respondents, unless they decide otherwise

4. Explain the purpose of the survey [improvement of the hotel offer]

5. Appreciate your respondents, offer a discount or something sweet in a restaurant

6. Be polite. It costs nothing, and in the hotel industry it can work wonders

One more thing.

With customer survey software, running satisfaction surveys becomes more manageable, e.g., thanks to automatic sending, collecting results in one place, and intuitive analytical tools.

Thanks to this, instead of poring over Excel, you have time to observe trends and draw conclusions from surveys that will allow you to make positive changes for hotel guests and, as a result, for your business.

Are you ready to create your first hotel survey?

Try Our Customer Survey Software & Start Collecting Feedback

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Among the possibilities the Startquestion software offers, we appreciate the most easily creating conditional questions, placing surveys in the company domain, and adjusting the layout to our specific needs. The possibility to create subaccounts that allow more experts to work with the tool and view research results simultaneously makes our research much easier.


Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland