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Listen to Your Employees

Did you know that your employees are an invaluable source of information about your organization and its processes? Use online surveys to collect feedback that is key to the company’s development and good relations at work.

We are trusted by over 5000 companies

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Internal Communication Surveys

Do employees feel they have an impact on the company’s life?

The information flow in your company is not as it should be? Use internal communication surveys – to make it easier for employees to make decisions and strengthen their involvement.

More about the internal communication surveys strzałka w prawo

Training Assessment

Why is employee training not bringing the expected results?

Conduct post-training surveys, collect results quickly and create reports that are easy to conclude. Make sure you are investing in the proper training for your employees.

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Knowledge Tests

Do your employees have the required knowledge and skills?

Although they are mainly associated with education, knowledge tests are perfect for business. This tool allows you to quickly and at low cost verify employees’ level of knowledge and experience, optimizing the work of HR departments, training organizers and recruiters.

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Exit Interview

Why are employees leaving for competitors?

Learn the real reasons why employees leave. Conduct an exit interview, quickly draw conclusions with analytical tools and generate reports to help retain the most talented people in your company.

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360 Degree Feedback

Why are the wrong people holding leadership positions?

Are your employees doing their job well? Use the 360-degree peer review and get a complete picture of the employee, plus an unbiased tool for awarding raises and promotions.

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Employee Satisfaction

Why don’t employees want to get involved in the company’s life?

HR research proves that satisfied employees are more engaged and motivated at work. Try the best-known methods of measuring employee satisfaction (ESAT) and commitment (eNPS), keep your finger on the pulse and quickly learn about the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Do you know that every second employee quits in the first four months?

With online surveys, you will minimize employee turnover. Explore the onboarding process with pre-built templates, auto-shipping, and trend tracking reports.

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Candidate Experience

Why do the best candidates choose the competition?

Candidate Experience research affects much more than just the quality of recruitment. Use the candidate survey results to build a positive brand image and improve the Employee Experience.

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Why survey with Startquestion?

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    1M+ created surveys

    More than 10 years experience, trusted by 20k+ companies.
    We still evolve based on our customers’ feedback.

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    Amazing customer support

    Our support is rated top-notch, by our customers. We’re here to help you witch survey or system related questions and problems.

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    Hints and best practices

    Our blog is full of hints on how to ask great questions, achieve highest response rate and get most of your results.

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    Enterprise grade security

    Processing data and security is fully compliant with GDPR. We’re trusted by biggest enterprises, banks and medical companies.

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What our customers are saying

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After many recommendations, we tested Startquestion, wich turned out to be easy to use and flexible survey software. We appreaciate high quality, reaction time and patience of customer support team. Startquestion helps us in many feedback related use cases and we see more users and departments actively using it for their purposes.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

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Solution for teams and enterprise customers looking for individual approach

Enterprise Plan features:

  • white label surveys in company web domain,
  • multiple users and assets sharing,
  • individual SLA, DPA and invoicing,
  • dedicated success manager.

We’re happy to hear about your needs at sales@startquestion.com

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