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Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

A happy employee is your best investment – if you are working in HR you know this sentence for sure. The main goal of employee engagement survey is to cover the largest possible area of ​​everyday life of employees in the company.

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Employee Engagement Survey – make your company the best place to work

A happy employee is your best investment. You can ask all kinds of questions connected to the satisfaction and engagement of the employees, such as the questions connected to:

  • mental and physical working environment,
  • communication with supervisors and coworkers,
  • relations in the teams and between teams.

Remember, committed employees demonstrate a positive attitude in their work, interest in work-related activity, and willingness to make more effort. They are more excited and involved with the tasks and create a more friendly environment. Therefore, committed and loyal employees are one of the most critical parts of your business.

Gallup employee engagement survey – the most popular test of engagement

One of the most well-known types of Employee Engagement research is Gallup Employee Engagement Survey. Test G12 was developed by the Gallup Institute based on professional, long-term research and consisted of 177 pairs of statements that are potentially meant to describe the employee.

Each respondent has to mark on the scale which of the statements is closer to him or her. The idea is to mark the first thought that naturally comes to the respondent’s mind, so it shouldn’t be possible to go back to the previous question or correct the answer.

Here are some ready examples of Gallup test questions (statements):

  1. I know what they expect from me at work.
  2. I have the tools I need to do my job well.
  3. Every day at work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best.
  4. In the last 7 days, I have felt appreciated at least once.
  5. Whoever at work encourages me to keep growing.

In our survey examples section, You can find a whole Gallup Employee Engagement Survey, which You can use in your company.

Employee Engagement Survey questions – ready-made examples from experts

Even though employee satisfaction surveys vary in many companies, each has one primary goal – making employees more involved in the work. Our experts prepare ready-made examples of employee engagement questionnaires, which You can straightforwardly adjust to your needs. You add or erase some questions, add the company logo or change the introduction to your survey.

Employee engagement survey results and analysis

While collecting feedback from employees using online surveys, You should remember about few basic things:

  • Employees should be sure their feedback is anonymous,
  • The survey can’t be too long or complicated – make sure You will instruct how to complete the questionnaire in the introduction to the study or a separate, dedicated email,
  • Choose the best time to send the invitation – make sure your employees are free to complete the survey,
  • Don’t forget to send reminders to those who didn’t complete the survey yet.

The proper employee engagement survey analysis gives you the data you need to respond to issues you may not even be aware of. Thanks to the results, You can start to:

  1. support a healthy work environment – both mentally and physically,
  2. identify issues particular to specific roles, teams, or management groups and find out what is the reason for those problems,
  3. compare results to the same questions over time and see how the essential metrics change month after month or week after week,
  4. ask more in-depth questions and talk with those employees who need your help and support.

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We use Startquestion surveys to collect satisfaction metrics such as Net Promoter Score, measure our processes’ ease of use, and conduct UX research. The collected data allows us to set priorities for changes. At this point, it fully meets our needs, and what’s more – we are trying out more advanced applications, such as an integration with the transaction system. We recommend Startquestion as a user-friendly and flexible tool.


Krzysztof Gabruk

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Ewa Minda-Korczak

Marketing Manager of Telepizza Poland

Among the possibilities the Startquestion software offers, we appreciate the most easily creating conditional questions, placing surveys in the company domain, and adjusting the layout to our specific needs. The possibility to create subaccounts that allow more experts to work with the tool and view research results simultaneously makes our research much easier.


Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland