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Measure employee engagement using the Gallup method

HR employees and everyone involved in improving the employee experience know very well that Gallup Employee Engagement Survey is one of the most effective ways to create a stronger, more engaged workplace. Use our easy to complete form for job seekers and HR companies.

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Gallup Employee Engagement Survey – change Your workplace for the better

Gallup Test or Gallup Employee Engagement Survey is the common name of the CliftonStrengths psychometric research test, formerly known as StrengthsFinder. The method was developed by Donald Clifton at the Gallup Institute and hence owes its name. The base of this method is the assessment of the intensity of 34 talents, of which 5 are dominant. Talent, according to Donald Clifton, is a natural pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that can be used productively in the workplace.

The benefits of Gallup Q12

More and more companies are now using the Gallup employee engagement survey as a diagnostic tool that allows for easy detection of factors influencing the efficient and effective operation of the company. The most significant benefits of conducting this type of survey are:

  • – discovering the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and entire team,
  • – enabling employees to get to know themselves,
  • – discovering ways to use leading talents in your employees.

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey questions

Do you feel like your employees are not doing their best? Many companies do not know how to motivate and engage their employees to work better and more efficiently. That is why for Startquestion, we have created ready-to-use Gallup Employee Engagement Survey questions. A dozen or so questions in our template reflect virtually all indicators of employee involvement (including awareness of duties and atmosphere).

Remember that You can modify the survey and questions according to the company’s specifics and your preferences. You can easily:

  • – change the appearance and colour of the survey, adjusting it to the style of your company,
  • – add a company logo to the survey to make the survey more reliable in the eyes of employees,
  • – set up the automatic dispatch of survey reminders for employees who have not yet participated in the survey to achieve a higher response rate.

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey 2021 – start changes in Your company now

Although the Gallup Q12 is not a new method, many companies still do not use it in working with their teams. This is a mistake because, as we wrote above, discovering employees’ potential could bring the company many benefits. Therefore, research your employees now and use Gallup employee engagement survey results to improve your team’s well-being and attract your company’s most talented and ambitious people.
When working on improving the experience of employees and developing their competencies, you can also use other examples of HR surveys prepared by experts from Startquestion, such as:

  1. employee satisfaction surveys,
  2. evaluation of training for employees,
  3. mobbing survey,
  4. survey of satisfaction with the benefits provided by the company.

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We use Startquestion surveys to collect satisfaction metrics such as Net Promoter Score, measure our processes’ ease of use, and conduct UX research. The collected data allows us to set priorities for changes. At this point, it fully meets our needs, and what’s more – we are trying out more advanced applications, such as an integration with the transaction system. We recommend Startquestion as a user-friendly and flexible tool.


Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

Startquestion allows us to take better care of the high level of service for our entire network. We use it to research our products, brand image, and service. The results help us to improve the quality of customer service because we know that the success of our business depends mainly on the people. This software allows us to easily verify both what customers think about our product and how they find out about us.

Ewa Minda-Korczak

Marketing Manager of Telepizza Poland

Among the possibilities the Startquestion software offers, we appreciate the most easily creating conditional questions, placing surveys in the company domain, and adjusting the layout to our specific needs. The possibility to create subaccounts that allow more experts to work with the tool and view research results simultaneously makes our research much easier.


Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland